Between July and December 2023, we will explore how our toolkit can be applied beyond instructions for COVID-19 lateral-flow tests (the focus of the initial research). We want to extend this work to a wider set of people who may benefit from this resource, and who can work with us to identify how, within their areas, the application of the toolkit guidance will benefit the people they work with.

  • We will meet with users of toolkit to find out how helpful it has been to date; how they have used it if they have; and how they could see it being used to enhance their products
  • We will meet with test manufacturers to consider ways in which the toolkit might be used in contexts other than for diagnostic tests, and to identify one or more potential case studies to apply the toolkit

Would you like to work with us on this?

We are looking for an assistant (part-time) from June 2023 for 6 months, to take part in this stage of the project. Get in touch with Josefina at for more details.