We are pleased to be working with the latest COVID-19 diagnostic tests to find out if the test instructions are clear to follow. We will compare them to evidence-informed point-of-use instructions.

While most people are now used to carrying out LFTs, where you take a swab from your nose and throat, there are other ways to get a sample for testing. New kinds of tests using samples of saliva have been identified as being potentially easier to use than current nose and throat swab tests.

Over the last year, we have been working to find out what helps to make the instructions for COVID-19 LFTs accessible. We are using our findings and observations from this work to produce accessible instructions, which we will compare to the Instructions for Use (IFUs) provided by manufacturers to meet regulatory requirements.

The study results will help us to understand how easy the new home diagnostic test kits and devices are to use. Our findings will help us to design better instructions for a wide range of diagnostic tests, not just Covid-19.

Note 30 May 2022: This study is now closed.