Support Overview

Here are the ways in which the DH Hub can help you with your project.

Knowledge, skills and community

  • Developing understanding of Digital Humanities as a discipline and how digital methodologies can be applied to research projects
  • Identifying and meeting training needs, in digital methodologies, use of specific software/applications, programming and research software engineering, and research data management
  • Joining the University’s Digital Humanities Community of Practice
  • Obtaining a mentor to help you develop your digital knowledge and skills

Developing research proposals and grant applications

  • Planning, developing and preparing a grant application
  • Developing a proposal through the H&C Grant Development College
  • Identifying potential collaborators/partners to deliver digital elements of a research project
  • Specifying and costing digital requirements and solutions for a grant application/research project
  • Preparing a data management plan for a grant application/research project
  • Planning for and costing data storage and archiving for a grant application/research project
  • Planning for and costing preservation of and access to digital artefacts and collections for a grant application/research project
  • Advising on accessing and using the University’s collections

Undertaking research

  • Requesting a University WordPress website for a research group or project
  • Designing and delivering a technical solution for a project
  • Accessing and using digital research infrastructure and services

Completing a research project and securing the legacy

  • Preserving and sharing research data using the University’s Research Data Archive or other data repositories
  • Preserving and providing long-term access to digital artefacts and collections using the University’s Special Collections services


The following notes provide clarification on some queries we have received to date.

Teaching and outreach

The DH Hub has been created with a remit to support research across the H&C Theme. At this stage, we are unable to assist with the design or delivery of teaching for undergraduates or PGTs, and with activities that are purely outreach-based.

We recognise that some projects, particularly those that are practice-based, involve public engagement or pedagogy as research. We are able to support these and welcome queries from researchers working in these areas. If you are unsure whether your idea is supported then please get in touch with us.

Early Career Researchers and Postgraduate students

If you are an Early Career Researcher or a postgraduate working at University of Reading, we are delighted to support your current projects and any applications for external fellowships (including if you are planning to move to the University of Reading to take up a research post).

Technical, equipment, digitisation and archiving costs

The DH Hub does not have any discretionary funding to provide individual staff or departments with technical staff budget or equipment (hardware or software), or cover direct costs for digitisation, scanning, web hosting, or archiving. These elements of a project must be costed as normal.

Similarly, if your project involves the creation or acquisition of an archive (digital or physical) you must secure confirmation from DTS and UMASCS that University of Reading is able to accept and host it, as this may entail extra costs that need to be added to your project.

Our role is to help you cost your DH components accurately, in conjunction with RES, DTS, and UMASCS. We are keeping track of needs across the theme to facilitate consideration of future investment.