The University of Reading’s Institute of Education (IoE) continues to make great progress in the filming of their ‘Big Questions’ research video series. In the series, each research-active staff member answers one ‘big question’ that the wider society will find interesting, and they do so though making connections to their own research passion and projects.

The first video in the series, which was filmed and premiered in Autumn last year, features Dr. Rowena Kasprowicz (Lecturer in Second Language Education) answering the following big question ‘Can computer games make learning grammar fun?’. The video can be accessed below.


This month, five additional colleagues have just been filmed and their details can be found below.

We look forward to sharing their videos with you later this term!

The ‘big question’ for Dr. Alan Floyd (Associate Professor of Education) is ‘How can we run universities successfully?’


The ‘big question’ for Dr. Naomi Flynn (Associate Professor of Primary English Education) is ‘What are the challenges faced by teachers of children with English as an additional language?’


The ‘big question’ for Prof. Suzanne Graham (Professor of Language and Education) is ‘Are younger language learners always better language learners?’


The ‘big question’ for Dr. Natthapoj Vincent Trakulphadetkrai (Lecturer in Primary Mathematics Education) is ‘What if maths is taught through storytelling?’


The ‘big question’ for Prof. Carol Fuller (Professor of Sociology of Education) is ‘Can we address social inequality more easily by taking a bottom-up, rather than the top-down approach?’