Dr. Catherine Foley (Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, University of Reading’s Institute of Education) has long had a passion for helping beginning and experienced teachers teach and lead primary mathematics. She is currently working with a wide range of initial teacher training students including those wanting to specialise in and lead mathematics.

Her book, ‘Leading Primary Mathematics’, is co-authored with two former colleagues, Stephanie Suter and Jane McNeill. It is a pragmatic, evidence-informed text, aimed at making guidance on leading mathematics in the primary school practical and accessible through the inclusion of a broad range of case studies. It addresses a wide range of issues facing the contemporary leader of mathematics, from assessing mathematical learning, making sense of international perspectives and overcoming barriers to learning mathematics to working with families, developing mathematical representation and fluency across the school and how to develop positive attitudes towards and beliefs about mathematics. Drawing on local, regional, national and international best practice as well as Catherine’s own doctoral research, this book should form essential reading for training, aspiring and existing mathematics leaders alike.

“The best part of pulling this book together was visiting so many partnership schools to draw upon their knowledge and expertise,” says Catherine. “The case studies really allow the new and aspiring leader to see what good practice looks like and how it can be adapted for their own context.”

The book, published by SAGE Publications, becomes available in April 2019. To preview (or purchase) this book, here’s the link to its Amazon page.

The Institute of Education would like to congratulate Catherine on this fantastic achievement, particularly in how she has successfully integrated her own doctoral research findings to inform her professional insights and advice.