Nasreen Majid (Lecturer in Primary Mathematics, University of Reading) has won a Collaborative Research Grant of £1,000 from the International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching (ISATT). The grant facilitates the work of an early career researcher with the support of an experienced researcher. Nasreen’s project, titled ‘Expert Teacher of Mathematics. A Primary Perspective from England’, will be supported by Prof. Andy Goodwyn.

The project is born from one of the recommendations in Nasreen’s doctoral thesis. Specifically, she argues that given the lack of detailed data available on expert teachers of mathematics at primary level in English schools, it therefore would be pertinent and of interest to gather such data at a national level. Nasreen commented that “The data is not only about numbers but it goes further to explore perceptions and identity constructs of teachers who identify as Expert Teachers of Mathematics at Primary level.”

In terms of her research design, Nasreen said that it “will entail an initial questionnaire that will go out to all the National Mathematics Hubs. The questionnaire will do an initial exploratory exercise to gather regional data on teachers who identify as ‘Expert teachers of Mathematics’. There will be an option for the participants to provide their contact details if they wish to take part in the second phase of data collection. The second phase will be conducting a Life History interviews to understand the lived experiences of the participants. The project aims to explore further how a primary teacher who identifies as an Expert Teacher of Mathematics at Primary level in England see themselves. The data will also provide a clustered national picture on Expert Teachers of Mathematics.”

To learn more about Nasreen’s research interests, visit her profile page here.