Having consulted with IoE doctoral students, it seems the option to have an IoE PGR virtual conference this year is a popular one. The date for this conference remains the same (i.e. Wednesday 1st July 2020. Time to be announced), and we would like to strongly encourage you (both doctoral students and staff) to attend and present at this conference.


1. Presentation formats

‘Live’ presentations

The conference will likely take place on Blackboard Collaborate where presenters are asked to present their research ‘live’ for a maximum of 10 minutes to be followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. (Typically, your presentation would have no more than ten slides.) This option is ideal for doctoral students and research staff who either are in the middle of data collection or have already done their data collection and have some interesting (preliminary) findings to share.

If you have not started your data collection (e.g. first-year doctoral students), you are instead encouraged to present a short 5-minute summary of your proposed research focus, literature review and research design. (Typically, your presentation would have only 3-5 slides.) Again, this will be followed by 5 minutes of Q&A.

As a ‘live’ presenter, you will need access to good Internet connection, a microphone and ideally a web camera.


Pre-recorded presentations

Any presenters unable to present ‘live’ at the virtual conference (e.g. students who currently live in a different time zone) are encouraged to give a pre-recorded presentation. (Please note that with this presentation format, there won’t be a live Q&A element after your presentation, and depending on the on-line tool we are using, there may or may not be an opportunity for your audience to leave you written comments and questions.)

Presentations can be pre-recorded using any of the following free tools: the record function in PowerPointScreencastify; and Loom.


Abstract submissions

Regardless of your chosen presentation format, please submit your abstract using this form by Friday 12th June 2020 (17:00). The Organising Committee will review all submissions and will respond to presenters by Wednesday 17th June 2020.

(If you choose the pre-recorded presentation option, the video of your pre-recorded presentation should be uploaded by you to either Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive, and the link to your video must be sent to us by Wednesday 24th June 2020 (17:00). Please ensure that you have changed the setting so that anyone with that link can access your presentation video.)


If you would like more details about the presentation formats, please get in touch with Beverley Jennings (b.j.jennings@pgr.reading.ac.uk).


2. Achievements

We would also like to celebrate all the achievements of our doctoral students in the current academic year. Please could you send in details of your research publications or conference presentations or anything else that is, in your view, worth a mention. These will be put together into a PowerPoint to be shown and celebrated during the virtual conference.

Please send your achievement details to Meliha Sakin (m.sakin@pgr.reading.ac.uk) by Friday 12th June 2020 (17:00).

We look forward to your participation in and support of our first-ever IoE PGR virtual conference!

2020 IoE PGR Organising Committee