Prof. Richard Harris (Professor of History Education, University of Reading) has recently completed his latest book chapter. The chapter, titled Disciplinary knowledge denied?’, is published in a book titled ‘Knowing history in schools: Powerful knowledge and the powers of knowledge’.

The book engages with recent debates around knowledge in the curriculum, in particular the social realist perspective on the importance of ‘powerful knowledge’. The chapter focuses on the reality of students’ access to this ‘powerful knowledge’ and argues that the way the curriculum is organised means that many students are being denied access to forms of knowledge that can be seen as the most valuable. This fits in with recent research that Prof. Harris has been working on the nature and content of the history curriculum in schools, and is feeding into the notion of ‘critical curriculum thinkers’ that is part of the rationale for our teaching education programmes.

The book, edited by Arthur Chapman, is published by the UCL Press. To learn more about this book and Prof. Harris’s chapter, click here.

To learn more about Prof. Harris’s research interests, visit his profile page here. He tweets at @Dr_RJHarris.