In the Spring 2022 term alone, seven doctoral students have successfully graduated at the University of Reading’s Institute of Education (IoE). On behalf of the IoE’s PhD programme and EdD programme, we would like to congratulate our graduates below who, no doubt, will go on to create impact in the field of education here in the UK and abroad. Many congratulations also to their supervisors!


Dr. James Bury – Developing and enhancing communicative competence among foreign language learners in Japan. (First supervisor: Professor Suzanne Graham; Second Supervisor: Dr. Anthony Zhang)

Dr. James Wagstaffe – How native-Chinese speakers establish discourse-level mental representations of English-language academic texts: A mixed method study. (First supervisor: Professor Suzanne Graham; Second Supervisor: Dr. Holly Joseph)

Dr. Meilun Yan – Left-behind children in rural China: an exploratory case study of the level of Autonomy of ‘left-behind children’ in rural China. (First supervisor: Professor Carol Fuller; Second Supervisor: Dr. Karen Jones)



Dr. Alison Oliver – What it means to be a teaching professional in and for the 21st century: A case study of a learning organisation. (First supervisor: Professor Richard Harris; Second Supervisor: Dr. Chris Turner)

Dr. John Knight – Square pegs in round holes: A study around student aspiration in a high performing international school environment. (First supervisor: Dr. Billy Wong)

Dr. Peter Jeffreys – To what extent can social media influence parental engagement in a primary school? (First supervisor: Dr. Yota Dimitriadi; Second Supervisor: Dr. Billy Wong)

Dr. Sarah Sherwood – Emotional Labour: The Perceptions and Experiences of Senior Leaders in Autism Specific Special Schools in England. (First supervisor: Karen Jones; Second Supervisor: Cathy Tissot)