Dr. Nasreen Majid (Associate Professor of Education, University of Reading) gave two research presentations at the International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching (ISATT) conference held at the University of Bordeaux between the 6th to the 7th of October 2022.

The first presentation, titled Teachers’ and pupils’ perceptions of climate change, highlighted details of her research project which aimed to understand teacher and pupil perceptions on climate change. The study captured both teacher and pupil knowledge and understanding of the climate crisis.  A predominately qualitative approach was adopted for the data collection to explore issues of climate change, in depth, with participants. However, some data was also gathered in a quantitative approach to consider time constraints experienced during the Covid Pandemic.


Her second presentation, titled ‘Specialist teachers of mathematics – A primary perspective from England’, was co-presented with Professor Andy Goodwyn (University of Bedfordshire). The presentation highlighted details of their project which investigated the need for mathematics specialist teachers within primary schools in England. The study adopted an interpretative, mixed method approach to capture the lived experiences of the participants, who were established Primary Mathematics Specialists. Data were collected in two stages. First, through a survey questionnaire, and second, through an interview. A total of 90 responses were gathered through the survey questionnaire. A total of 9 teachers were interviewed and the data from the interviews were analysed to develop themes and codes within the data set. Participants for the study were all in a mathematics leadership role within their school in England. The survey investigated how the participants saw their role, why they chose their position and their opinions regarding how mathematics is implemented within the primary school setting. The concept of a teacher’s personal and professional identity was considered to see how they may affect someone’s ability to fulfil their role as a specialist.


Additionally, Dr. Majid was also the recipient of the ISATT collaborative research grant fund that allowed her to travel to Bordeaux to present her second research presentation. She commented that “It was an honour to have received this grant and having the opportunity to share my work at the conference.”


You can find more about Dr. Majid’s research interests here. She tweets at @DrMajid_nasreen.