Dr. Rowena Kasprowicz (Associate Professor of Second Language Education, University of Reading) has recently launched the website for her ‘Progression in Primary Languages’ research project. The project runs from January 2022 to December 2025 and is funded through a £1.4 million UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship.

The Progression in Primary Languages project is a four-year, longitudinal study exploring language learning in primary school. We are working with primary schools across England, who teach French, German, or Spanish, to track children’s linguistic progression throughout Key Stage 2 (age 7 to 11). Over four years, we will build a detailed picture of how children’s language knowledge develops and the factors that affect children’s language learning in primary school.

Dr. Kasprowicz is leading the project and the project team are supported by Dr. Rachel Hawkes (Collaborator), Professor Suzanne Graham (Mentor), Professor Carmen Muñoz (Mentor) and by our project partners: Association for Language Learning, National Centre for Excellence in Languages Pedagogy and Research in Primary Languages network.

The project’s website can be found here.


You can find more about her research interests here. She tweets at @R_E_Kasprowicz.