In the UK, heating and hot water for buildings make up 40% of energy use and 20% of greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions must be reduced by over 20% by 2030, with a nearly complete decarbonisation by 2050, as part of the legally binding targets set by the Parliament in the Climate Change Act. To reach these targets and reduce the energy consumption, an innovative Versatile PCM (phase change material) energy storage system is presented. The proposed Versatile PCM system can play an essential role in synchronising end use energy demand and supply on a short to long term basis. Versatile PCM will encourage the use of energy-efficient solutions, especially being adaptable to the British weather where the solar radiation may change dramatically during a day. Versatile PCM is a promising advanced technology in addressing the “heating on demand” energy issue in building applications.


Lead Organisation: University of Nottingham

Partners: University of Reading, University of Hull, PCM Products Ltd, Free Running Buildings Ltd, Solar ready Ltd

University of Reading PI: Dr Stefán Thor Smith

PDRA: Dr Osaru Agbonaye

Start and End Date: October 20202 – September 2023