Decarbonisation of transport sector, particularly, the heavy duty segment will have a key role in achieving net zero greenhouse gas emission targets and tackling the climate change issues. For long haul heavy duty transport, challenges remain around practical range, payload and total cost. Currently there is no single economically viable decarbonised solution for heavy duty ground vehicles. The investigation and analysis at the University of Reading will include electrolyser derived hydrogen, electric charging and localised energy storage. Emphasis will be given to the power grid challenges presented by vehicle depots / transport hubs, with consideration of alternative temporal fuelling characteristics through modeling and assessment to provide better understanding of such challenges, and looks into solutions to tackle them.

University of Reading PI: Dr P. Coker

University of Reading Co-Investigators: Dr S. Smith, Dr B. Potter

PDRA: Dr M. Azizian Fard

Partners:  University of Nottingham, Newcastle University, MAHLE Powertrain Ltd, Shell Global Solutions UK, VN HPG Ltd.

Funding: EPSRC (£212,800 )

Start and End Date: October 2020 – September 2023