CREDS Webinar – ‘From crises to net-zero’ | Tuesday 4 July, 10:00 -11:30

Join us to learn how the Covid-19 pandemic and cost of living crises have impacted energy use and what the implications are for net-zero.

The webinar will consist of short introductory talks on:

  • How travel changed during the pandemic and what we can learn from this to steer future transport behaviour to align with carbon reduction targets.
  • The short and long-term impacts of the pandemic on clothing choices for comfort, space heating, hot water usage and total energy demand in buildings.
  • How Local Authorities can decide on which green recovery packages to support, and how these packages can be assessed for wider economic, social and environmental benefits.
  • By modelling the uptake of electric heating (heat pumps) and electric transport (EVs) technologies over time and space, we can assess the potential role of electricity demand flexibility in contributing to UK energy system decarbonization.

The talks will be followed by four ‘Ask the Authors’ breakout sessions, where each of the four presenters are in separate virtual rooms and the audience can ask them questions to allow the research to be interrogated in more detail.

Please register on Eventbrite to attend the event and a link will be sent to you 1-2 days before the meeting (from The full agenda is available on Eventbrite.

CREDS is the Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions and is a research programme funded by UK Research and Innovation. We aim to understand the role of energy demand change in accelerating the transition to a zero-carbon energy system, including the technical, social and governance challenges of demand reduction, flexible demand and use of decarbonised energy.