IntermIdia Launch Event

Univeristy of Reading Whiteknights, Reading

PROGRAMME17:30 - Introduction by Professor Steve Mithen (UoR Deputy Vice-Chancellor; PVC Research)17:40 - Presentation of the Project by Professor Lúcia Nagib (UoR PI)18:00 - Presentations by Dr John Gibbs, Dr Lisa Purse, Alison Butler...Read More >

Workshop Understanding Intermediality

Univeristy of Reading Whiteknights, Reading

The first IntermIdia Workshop, 'Understanding Intermediality', took place on 13 April, at the University of Reading. It finished with a keynote speech, open to the public, given by Prof Ágnes...Read More >

Where To Sit At The Dinner Table?

Univeristy of Reading Whiteknights, Reading

Where To Sit At The Dinner Table?Happy Hour Discussion with Writer and Director Pedro Neves MarquesBlandford's Restaurant Ante-Room, Whiteknights Campus.

intersections between cinema, literature and history

the IntermIdia project was represented by a keynote speech and a panel at the international conference "Europe and the Colonial Empires of the Sixteenth, Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries in Literature and Film". The conference was held in Faro (Portugal) and organised by the Research Centre on Arts and Communication (CIAC) of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the Universidade do Algarve, and the Centre of Literature and Lusophon and European Cultures (CLEPUL) of the Faculty of Humanities of the Universidade de Lisboa.