Resources for Educators

Library – Database

Cinemateca Brasileira (SP)

The library has an important archive with cinema books, articles, press releases, magazines, photo archive, movie companies’ archives and folders about films, directors and actors, etc.

Cinemateca Brasileira Library Catalogue


Cinemateca Brasileira (SP) – personal archives

Archives of Paulo Emilio Salles Gomes, Glauber Rocha, Jean-Claude Bernardet, Pedro Lima and Thomas Farkas Collection (partial information).

Cinemateca Brasileira Personal Archive


Museu Lasar Segall/Museum Lasar Segall

Library specialized in cinema, theatre, photography, arts.

Museum Lasar Segall Library


Universidade de São Paulo/University of São Paulo (usp)

University of Sao Paulo


Universidade de São Carlos/University of Sao Carlos (UFSCar)

University of Sao Carlos (UFSCar)


Information about archives

Funarte – Fundação Nacional das Artes/National Arts Foundation

Funarte has a good archive on art, music and theatre. They have an online catalog and a lot of info, music, video and texts are digitalized.

Funarte – National Arts Foundation


Museu da Imagem e do Som/Museum of Image and Sound (MIS)

MIS is an archive with recorded interviews since the 70s and 60s – a lot of useful things. Interviews are not allowed to be copied, so require transcription using headphones. Heard statements from artists, reviewers, industry types, radio DJs, composers and so on – interesting and useful.

MIs has also photographs, films, videos, posters, sound and image equipment, sound records, interviews with Brazilian personalities.

Museum of Image and Sound (MIS)


Instituto Moreira Salles /Institute Moreira Salles

Institute Moreira Salles archive has good online resources where old content can be listened to online.

Institute Moreira Salles


Arquivo Nacional/National Archive

Access to different databases, for exemple – Archive of Agência Nacional Newspaper Cinema, Ferrez Family Archive.

National Archive of Brasil


Arquivo Público do Estado de São Paulo/ Public Archive of São Paulo State (APESP)

The archive has access to some film periodicals. It also includes the documentation of the city of São Paulo and rare books of general culture.

Public Archive of Sao Paulo State (APESP)

Brazilian Theses online

Domínio Público/Public Domain

Website contains theses and also rare Brazilian books and music.

Brasilian Public Domain Portal

Universidade de São Carlos/University of Sao Carlos

University of Sao Carlos


Universidade de São Paulo/University of Sao Paulo

University of Sao Paulo





Brazilian Filmography

FB (Filmografia Brasileira) – Cinemateca Brasileira

Information about the production, exhibition, cast and synopsis of the films.

Cinemateca Brasileira FB


To see Brazilians films

How to see films in Cinematecas

Cinemateca do MAM (Rio de Janeiro) and Cinemateca Brasileira (Sao Paulo) have negatives and prints of films, even though the vast majority of films and negatives are stored in São Paulo. Content stored in these archives are only available for viewing in the institutions themselves. 

Cinemateca Brasileira – Movie list in Library (VHS, DVD, Blue-Ray)

Cinemateca Brasileira Movie List


Escola de Comunicações e Artes/University of São Paulo – Movie list (VHS, DVD)

University of Sao Paulo Movie List


Buying Brazilian books online

To buy new books, DVDs and CDs – Livraria Cultura

Livraria Cultura


To buy old and new books – Estante Virtual (only in Brazil)

Estante Virtual


Periodicals online

Biblioteca Nacional – Hemeroteca Digital/ National Library

There are a huge number of rich digitalized periodicals at the National Library – Biblioteca Nacional do Brasil; they allow searching by title, word, city and date.

Brasilian National Library


Jornal do Brasil

Online copies of the Journal dating back to 1800, however there is no search tool.

Newspaper Archive – Jornal do Brasil

Jornal do Brasil


O Estado de S. Paulo

Online archive dating back to 1800, but to have access you have to pay.

O Estado de S. Paulo


Folha de S.Paulo

Online access to following newspapers: Folha de S. Paulo, Folha da Noite and Folha da Manhã.

Folha de S. Paulo



Online access is limited.



Cinearte (Magazine)



A Scena Muda (Magazine)

A Scena Muda


Film and Censorship

Memória do Cinema brasileiro/ Memory of Brazilian Cinema

The website contains online censorship proceedings, critics and press material on the films and directors (1964-1988).

Memory of Brazilian Cinema


Memórias Reveladas do Arquivo Nacional/ Revealed Memories from National Archive

Archive about dictatorship and censorship in Brazil. There is also information about cinema (directors, films, newspapers).

Revealed Memories from the Brasilian National Archive



SBAT (Sociedade Brasileira de Autores Teatrais)/ Brazilian Society of Theatre Authors

The archive in RJ and SP has plays and documents.

Brazilian Society of Theatre Authors


Arquivo Miroel Silveira/Miroel Silveira Archive (ECA/USP)

The archive (SP) contains plays, censorship documents and information about exhibition.

Miroel Silveira Archive


Filme-B website

This resource has very strong statistical analyses of films, but has been difficult to access outside of Brazil.


About Movie Theatre

Salas de Cinema em São Paulo/Movie Theatre in Sao Paulo (1895-1929)

Website about Sao Paulo movie theatre with access to documents.

Movie Theatre in Sao Paulo