Under-representation in Community-Led Planning

Welcome to our resource pages on ‘Community-Led’ Planning (CLP), where we take a wide view of activity taken in by that label. Our liberal use of the  term reflects our aim to  learn and share experiences about what is offered (typically by national and  local government) and what is made by communities (sometimes with others) in terms of community planning at the  neighbourhood scale. In particular we aim to look more carefully at areas where such activity may be less common.

This website primarily shares information about the Just Neighbourhoods? research project funded by the Nuffield Foundation. The pages set out our research work and gives a window onto the activity fostered by forms of community-led planning found across the UK and Northern Ireland with some useful links and resources.  

We are interested in exploring what empowers local communities to get involved in shaping their local built and natural environment, particularly in areas of under-representation.  We aim to uncover stories in areas where community-led planning initiatives are being actioned but also where difficulties are experienced, or alternatives explored.

Here we will host resources, and a photo gallery shared by the research participants, and feature the latest updates from our ongoing research.  


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