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Little Literacy Lessons for Families

is a project where families, researchers and Education students at the University of Reading (UoR) worked together

to do some fun, easy and evidence informed activities at home during lockdown 3 of the UK.

The final product is a series of 6 episodes touching upon all aspects of reading and writing for more families to watch and

get inspired and experiment with reading and writing at home.


What is the evidence behind this project:

This resource is based on the findings of our research with families and teaching professionals supporting “vulnerable”

students during the first outbreak of the pandemic. We collected free resources for families/teachers supporting children

and wrote two reports on their views.

You can explore all these, by clicking on this link:

Home learning and wellbeing of children during Covid 19


What to do next:

Below, you will find links to our videos as they were uploaded on the UoR YouTube channel on a weekly basis during July and August 2021.

Enjoy the videos with your family to get inspired for fun and effective reading and writing at home with your kids:


Watch Teaser Video – Intro to the series, here:



Watch Episode 1 – Single word reading and writing for young learners, here:



Watch a fun twist of a classical tale of retold by the children participating in this project:



Watch Episode 2 – Single word reading and writing for older/more advanced learners, here:



Watch Episode 3 – First approaches to understanding text, here:


Watch Episode 4 – How to interact with text, here:


Watch Episode 5 – Creative writing at home: how to inspire and support kids, here:


Watch Episode 6 – How to make literacy activities work at home, here:


Or watch them all in the Little Literacy Lessons for Families playlist on the UoR Youtube channel by clicking here:


And, what to do after that:

Download our Free Guide for Families accompanying this series with more ideas for activities and step-by-step guidance by clicking on  Free Guide for Families

And, then you can also do that: 

If you have watched our episodes and/or tried the activities with your children at home, we want to hear from you!

Please give us feedback by clicking on Join the conversation to interact with other families in our community or contact me directly at a.tsakalaki@reading.ac.uk


If interested in formal schooling, you can also watch Anna’s recent video on teaching reading and writing creatively in schools, here:

and find out more about teaching Maths-specific vocabulary through storytelling, drama and arts on our Transferable Vocabulary website:

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