Shovon attended the SAFARI 2 (Societal Applications in Fisheries and Aquaculture using Remote Sensing Imagery) symposium at CMFRI, Kochi India, and offered a training session on marine ecological modelling at the pre-symposium training. This training was attended by more than 35 international scientists from multiple countries including India, Vietnam, Tanzania, Ivory Coast.

He also presented a poster on “Stocks of oceanic phytoplankton carbon from remote sensing: new estimates and opportunities”, where the recent developments in estimating phytoplankton carbon from remote sensing was highlighted. It introduced new estimates of phytoplankton carbon based on a novel ocean-colour-based algorithm that combines cellular allometric properties and light-absorption properties of phytoplankton. Further, new results based on a data assimilation experiment to estimate phytoplankton carbon were also shown. The similarities and differences among various estimates of phytoplankton carbon from ocean-colour methods and data assimilation were presented. Further challenges in obtaining the carbon stocks in various phytoplankton types, and minimizing the estimation uncertainties, were discussed.