Group Members

Professors and Academic Staff

Professor Maarten Ambaum

Research Interests:
Atmospheric dynamics and thermodynamics, statistics


Dr David Brayshaw

Research Interests:
Large-scale atmospheric circulation, impacts of climate change and variability on energy systems


Dr Andrew Charlton-Perez

Research Interests:
Stratospheric dynamics and stratosphere-troposphere coupling, sub-seasonal predictability, climate impacts on health


Dr Thomas (Tom) Frame

Research Interests:
Mid-latitude dynamics, Rossby waves, predictability


Dr David Ferreira

Research Interests:
Ocean dynamics, eddy-mean flow interactions, and the role of oceans in regulating Earth’s climate


Professor Sir Brian Hoskins CBE FRS

Research Interests:
Professor Hoskins is interested in increasing the understanding of weather systems and climate processes through theory, experimentation with a hierarchy of atmospheric models and diagnosis of analysed data from forecast centres.


Professor John Methven

Research Interests:
Large-scale dynamics and the changing chemical composition of the atmosphere


Professor Len Shaffrey

Research Interests:
Researching coupled ocean-atmosphere processes and developing high-resolution climate models


Professor Theodore G. (Ted) Shepherd FRS

Research Interests:
Large-scale dynamics, circulation and variability, middle atmosphere dynamics, theoretical geophysical fluid dynamics


Dr Remi Tailleux

Research Interests:
(To follow)


Dr Miguel Teixeira

Research Interests:
Orographic gravity wave drag in the atmosphere and its parametrization, oceanic turbulence with a special focus on Langmuir circulations, interfaces between turbulent and non-turbulent flow


Professor Paul D. Williams

Research Interests:
Geophysical fluid dynamics, turbulence, jet streams, waves, climate, aviation, numerical modelling


Research Staff

Dr Hannah Bloomfield

Dr Julia Curio

Dr Ben Harvey

Dr Robert Lee

Dr Oscar Martinez-Alvarado

Dr Gabriel Wolf

Dr Gui-Ying Yang

Dr Marlene Kretschmer


Current organisers

Hette Houtman

Ben Hutchins

PhD Students

Flynn Ames

Jake Bland

Kristine Boykin

Wilson Chan

Hannah Croad

Alexander Doyle

Adam Gainford

Emanuele Silvio Gentile

Dominic Jones

Simon Lee

Brian Lo

Andrea Marcheggiani

James Fallon

Elliott Sainsbury

Isabel Smith

Charlie Suitters 

Ben Hutchins 

Hette Houtman 

Doug Wood 

Fiona Spuler