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Department of Meteorology – University of Reading

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THE BELOW INFORMATION IS NO LONGER APPLICABLE – For any updates going forwards, please contact with requests.


Staff listS

Personal details

(Page displayed in staff list)
You are in control of the inner content (circled in red on the picture):

  1. Method 1: Create a userdetails.html file in your /storage/silver/metweb/ <username>/public_html/ folder or if you have a website see notes below (1)
  2. Method 2: ask Dana Allen to send a template to fill in.

All other details such as room number, phone number, title and one line profile summary will have to be edited by the Met admin. Please email any request to

(1) The userdetails.html file is pure html. Download an example (rename it userdetails.html)
You can check if the file is visible on the web under the URL:<yourUsername>/userdetails.html
If the file is not visible, look at the instructions here, or use the dedicated tool (Publish public_html) on RDS.

The n-drive has been withdrawn – please see these rather convoluted instructions on how to access and edit your web content

Note that for some “previous” users, the file may be hosted under their unix web directory, now available at /storage/silver/metweb/<username>/public_html/ and visible under<username>/userdetails.html

Personal websites

For historical accounts you can create your own webpages, immediately available at the URL: or

You can either edit your files by accessing them on a public_html directory in your Unix home area that points to //storage/silver/metweb/username/public_html or on what was the N-Drive (see convoluted ITS instructions).

Another option is to create your own external personal page that you can link from your official landing page, or set up your own group page (see below).

Note: PHP can run on this server.

Project Websites

In Met, there are 3 ways for publishing projects on the web:

  1. Use the WordPress service ( Read more…
  2. Ask for a simple blog (WordPress blog: Read more…
  3. Use the Met apache web server ( This is usually useful for dynamically generated content (scripts, model outputs…). Files will be located under /storage/silver/metweb/.  Contact IT if you wish to publish some content here.


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