Multiple Sclerosis

We are pleased to share that some of our survey findings have now been published!

We found that just under half reported a neutral impact and 16% reported a positive impact. Just over a third reported a negative impact. Those who were younger in age, had a progressive diagnosis and have psychological symptoms were more likely to report a negative impact. We also found that levels of MS related concern were highest amongst those who reported a negative impact.

What was particularly interesting, and what we feel will be valuable for supporting the MS community moving forward, is that coping methods seemed to be related to the level of COVID-19 impact also. Specifically, what differentiated those who reported a negative impact compared to those who reported a neutral or positive impact was the use helpful coping methods, namely active problem focused approaches such as using the extra time to engage actively in self care, be productive with family and engage more in existing or even new hobbies. We believe that understanding what is working well for those who are doing well at this time could be used to advocate for additional support for those who are more vulnerable to the negative impact of the current pandemic.

The full article is available here: The COVID-19 pandemic experience in Multiple Sclerosis: The good, the bad and the neutral

Do also check out articles on the paper appearing in OMS and MS-UK New Pathways magazine (

In the meantime, we still continue to invite people to take part in our survey on psychological support in Multiple Sclerosis here

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition that affects approximately 2.3 million people globally. Due to the nature of the condition and the symptoms, people with MS experience psychological difficulties at a disproportionately higher rate than the general population. Different types of support options may be available to different people, and this may or may not always be accessible or suitable to the needs of people with MS.

Our research aims to develop a psychological intervention that is tailored for the MS community.

To do this, we would first like to ask people living with MS about their (positive and negative) experiences of accessing support, and their opinions about what kind of support would be useful. We will use this information to design a psychological intervention that will reflect the views of the MS commmunity.

We invite you to partner with us in this endeavour.

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