Welcome to the mindwalk challenge

Mindful walking for mood and wellbeing

We know that walking is good for us in many ways, and that time spent in natural surroundings can be beneficial to our health. Currently, there is a great deal of interest in mindfulness and its effects on mood and wellbeing.

This study by psychologists at University of Reading looks at how these three activities (walking, being in nature and mindfulness) might be combined, as well as, what effects a combination of the three might have on mood and wellbeing, if done regularly.

We invite you take part in our study: Mindful walking in nature. Just take a short daily stroll in a natural environment, while listening to our audio recording on your phone, then tell us how you are. The audio guide is only 12 minutes long, so you can fit in a brief walk, even if it’s a busy day.

You can walk in a local park, or, if it’s available, some nearby countryside or a garden. If you can’t go out, you could even walk in your home, so long as you can see nature from your windows or balcony.

The study begins with a questionnaire to help us understand your mood and wellbeing before you start. After each walk we ask that you answer a few questions about how you felt that day and how your walk was. That’s pretty much it!

You can walk just once, or a few times a week;  you can walk daily, or twice a day, or miss a day and then come back to it. Just walk as often as you like for up to a month. Challenge yourself! How many days will you do?


Just follow the 5 steps below to do the #mindwalkchallenge!


Step 1: Watch our ‘how-to’ video

Watch the video for instructions on how to walk mindfully and take part in the challenge.


Step 2: Complete the sign-up questionnaire

2. Complete the Questionnaire

How are you today?

Click here to complete a few questions before you start the #mindwalkchallenge.  You only need to do this once.




Step 3: Download the audio

3. Download the AudioClick the picture to download to your phone.

Click here to stream our Walking Guide audio to listen while you walk.

You might want to listen with just one earbud, to hear the sounds of nature around you, and for your own safety and wellbeing.



Step 4: Walk

4. Walk

Take a slow stroll in nature and listen to the walking guide from step 3.

A natural environment, somewhere with trees, or somewhere with open green space is ideal.

Remember to complete the walk log (Step 5) afterwards!



Step 5. Complete the walk log

5. Complete the Walk Log

Click here to tell us about your walk and how you’re feeling.

Do this as soon as possible, after every walk you complete.




Repeat the #mindwalkchallenge

Repeat the #MindWalkChallenge

Just repeat the guided walk and the walk log (steps 4-5). 

Challenge yourself!   

How many days will you do?  

How might you feel after a week? … Two weeks? … A month?


Thank you for your help. We hope you enjoy taking part.

We believe that participating in this project will help you, as well as us, and the results could go on to help others, so thank you very much for your time and efforts.

The project is being run by University of Reading MSc students Nick Bland and Clare Waters, under the supervision of Dr Aileen Ho.