Frequently asked questions

Below you can find our frequently asked questions. If you still have a query, please contact us.

What if I live in a town or a city? Can I still take part?

Yes! Having access to a park or field would be ideal, but we understand not everyone is in walking distance of a place like this. Even if it’s just a few trees, somewhere with a little aspect of nature will allow for a connectedness with the natural environment.

I’ve never done mindfulness before. Can a beginner do the MindWalk?

Yes. MindWalk does draw on mindfulness, however it is not like the more traditional meditative mindfulness. Whether you’ve perfected mindfulness or never tried it before, our mindful audio guides you through the walk with no previous experience needed.

I’m unable to walk for long distances/I’m in a wheelchair. Does this mean I’m unable to try the #MindWalk Challenge?

Definitely not. We welcome individuals of all abilities to take part. Sitting in a garden, a park or next to a window next to nature is enough for you to take part. You are still able to experience the mindfulness in nature, and we welcome you to have a go and let us know what you thought.

How many times do I have to do the MindWalk?

As many as you like! Whether you try it once or end up doing it as part of your regular routine, we’d appreciate you taking part either way!

How long will the MindWalk take me?

The mindful audio clip is 12 minutes long. The MindWalk is designed to be a short and easy activity to take part in.

What will I need with me to do the MindWalk?

All you need is a device to play the mindful audio on, and some headphones to listen with. Other than that, just bring whatever you normally would on a short walk from your house.