By Sensory Dimensions

We are launching a Dog Food study on wet Dog Food for men and women aged 18 to 70.

The study is taking place on Monday 16 October. It lasts 75 minutes, paying £15. To take part you must be screened over telephone. Exclusion: You cannot participate if you have taken part in any market research in food or drink in the last 6 weeks.

Times available: 15:00, 16:30, 18:00 or 19:30

If you are interested and would like a call: please email If you know of anyone that might want to take part, pass along our email so we can invite and pay as many people as possible.


To participate you must be screened and invited over telephone. Sessions are subject to eligibility and availability.

For this study, we are allowing 1 participant per household. All participants must concern themselves with the household shopping.

All responses are received but we do book people in on a first come, first served basis as quotas fill up.

For all enquiries, email: Please remember to give your full name, age and telephone number.

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