Summer Workshop in Videographic Research Methods

Minghella Studios Minghella Building, Whiteknights Campus

The 2023 Summer Workshop in Videographic Research Methods will explore how to utilise the digital reworking of sound and image in research.

IFNH: Funding outcomes showcase

Join us at the IFNH dissemination event showcasing the funding outcomes from the awarded 2022 projects. The event will take place online on Friday 24th November at 13:00 – 14:30...Read More >

The Magic of Languages: A Journey of Linguistic Discovery

Edith Morley Building, Van Emden Lecture Theatre Edith Morley Building, University of Reading, Reading, Berkshire

Did you know that most people in the world speak two or more languages? How do they do it? Join Professor Ludovica Serratrice on a journey of linguistic discovery that...Read More >