Labour, education

Edith Morley, 124

Economics External Seminars Tanya Wilson (Glasgow): Labour, Education

Early Years Professional Identities

L24, G06

Institute of Education Research Programme Dr Kate Hoskins, Brunel University: Early Years Professional Identities

Conference on Multilingualism (COM) 2020

WELCOME TO COM2020! The 2020 Conference on Multilingualism will be hosted by the Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism at the University of Reading to explore the many different aspects of...Read More >

Introducing the new IFNH education hub

Introducing the new IFNH education hub: providing flexible training for healthcare and agri-food professionals The Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health is delighted to invite you to the Education &...Read More >

Being multilingual: Perspectives from education

CeLM Showcase: Education, 23 June, 6-7pm BST Being multilingual: Perspectives from language, education, health, neuroscience, migration Do multilinguals think about space and time differently in their languages? What is the...Read More >