Researchers at the University has have more funding success this month with funds awarded by research councils, government  agencies and learned societies. The awards will be distributed across seven new research projects.

Dr Rowena Kasprowicz (Institute of Education) has been awarded a Medical Research Council grant for the project Progression in Primary Languages: a longitudinal study of the route and rate of language learning in Primary Schools.

Dr Alice Christensen (Language & Culture) has been awarded funding from the British Academy for the project The Mosquito: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Human Health, Ecology and Politics

Dr Kevin Lovelock (Chemistry) has secured funding from the Royal Society to renew his University Research Fellowship.

Dr John Creighton (Archaeology) has been awarded a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council to study Roman York beneath the Streets.

Dr James Cooper (Chemistry) has secured funding from the Royal Society of Chemistry to investigate Rotaxanes, the Next Generation of Transmembrane Nanotechnology.

Dr Roger Bennett (Chemistry) has been awarded funding by the Royal Society of Chemistry so investigate how to grow ultra-thin templated nanostructures.

Professor Andrew Charlton- Perez (Meteorology) is the leader of a Science and Technology Facilities Council Reading Doctoral Training Programme starting in 2021.