In its Statement on Open Research, the University highlights the value of Open Research practices, including making research more reproducible and accessible, amplifying impact, increasing both the integrity and quality of research, and providing opportunities for individual researchers to improve their academic reputation and chances for rewards.  At the same time, it was recognized that researchers and students face barriers that limit the adoption of Open Research practices, and therefore would benefit from a wide range of incentives, support services and capacity building activities.

In April 2021, to help provide this support, 19 Open Research Champions across the University were selected as part of the Open Research Champions Programme. They help to spread Open Research awareness, knowledge and skills, and to support the use of open practices in research.

In order to be able to maximise the effect of the Open Research Champions we need to know about your experiences with, and attitudes towards Open Research. What are the barriers you face when wanting to make your research more open? What kind of support would you benefit from? Are you aware of the University of Reading’s Open Research Action Plan? On these and other similar questions we would like to hear your opinion! We have set up a University-wide survey for both colleagues and undergraduate and postgraduate students. The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, and anyone who answers all questions can enter a prize draw to win one of three £50 cash prizes. The results of the survey will be used to inform our work as Open Research Champions and contribute toward a scientific publication that will further our understanding of barriers and opportunities for Open Research across disciplines. In addition, we will report our findings to the Committee on Open Research and Research Integrity, in support of University research strategy and service provision.

Dr Phil Newton, Research Dean for Environment, said:

“Do you want to make your research even better, more used, and more trusted? Then please do take the survey to guide our team of 19 Open Research Champions on how best to help you. This is a great initiative, and the results from the survey will inform our thinking about how the University can best support Open Research in the coming years.”

Find out more information or take part in the survey before it closes on 07 November 2021.