The first edition of the Prosperity and Resilience theme’s newsletter was recently sent out. It showcases the research of our newest Research Division, Global Development, which brings together researchers from four of the University’s Schools – Agriculture and Policy Development; Archaeology, Geography, and Environmental Sciences; Law; and Politics, Economics and International Relations – with a common interest in issues of global development.

Key questions of development – be they about inequality, poverty, access to health and education, or resilience to disasters – are not just questions for developing countries, but similarly affect individuals and communities in the developed world. Similarly the methods for addressing these questions, and the ethical questions that research addressing them poses, are similar for researchers working with communities in Ghana, or in neighbourhoods in Reading. Members of the Global Research Division, while from different disciplinary backgrounds, share a common interest in these questions. Establishing the Research Division can support both working across the different disciplines, and comparatively examining development challenges and responses to them across different contexts.

Reading has a long tradition of development research and teaching, and the establishment of the Global Development Research Division builds on these foundations, to continue to support impactful research that challenges and changes concepts, policy, and practices.

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