Kim Watson (Biomedical Sciences) has received a studentship from NZP UK Ltd for research into novel bile acids to promote better mental health and wellbeing: exploring the gut-brain axis.

Ros Cornforth (Walker Institute)  was awarded a research grant from AGRHYMET, and a research contract from the United Nations Environment Programme for advancing an inclusive process for transboundary adaptation planning and action in the Middle East region.

Rory Jones (Built Environment) has received a research grant from EPSRC for a study into electricity demand, efficiency and flexibility in the urban housing sector of Burkina Faso.

Marcus Tindall (Mathematics & Statistics) has received a studentship from Syngenta Ltd for research into quantitative parameter free methods for toxicokinetics.

David Stack (History) has been awarded the Jinty Nelson Fellowship from the Royal Historical Society for promoting wellbeing through history teaching.

Evangelos Delivopoulos (Biomedical Engineering) has received a studentship from Syngenta Ltd for research into the characterization of target potency of GABA-gated chloride channel (GABACl) blockers, GABA-gated chloride channel (GABACl) and Glutamate-gated chloride channel (GluCl) allosteric modulators and mechanisms of neurotoxicity on mammalian GABAA receptors.

Linda Hirons (Meteorology) has been awarded a UKRI research grant for Anticipatory Climate Adaptation for Communities in Africa (ACACIA).

Helen Dacre (Meteorology) has been awarded a NERC research grant for Climate Change Impact on Midlatitude Cyclone Intensity, Tracks, and Impacts (CLIM-CITI).