Research study requesting female participants

We invite you to take part in a research study considering facial and body perceptions.

You can take part if:

  • You are female
  • You are between 16 years and 25 years of age
  • You have access to Facebook and log in 3 or more times a week
  • You have never had any orthodontic treatment
  • You have never been diagnosed with depression, body dysmorphic disorder or any eating disorders
  • You are able to attend two sessions to fill questionnaires

This study intends to consider how female’s perception of their facial appearance varies between those who have never had orthodontic treatment and those currently undergoing orthodontic or orthognathic treatment (jaw surgery) and if mood may influence this.

We can send you a full information sheet via email if you would like to take part.

Who to contact:

Please contact Natalie via email:

Speciality Registrar in Orthodontics


  • Professor Tim Newton – Professor of Psychology as applied to Dentistry King’s College London
  • Dr Natalie Ackuaku – Speciality Registrar in Orthodontics
  • Dr Hemendranath Virendra Shah – Consultant Orthodontist

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthodontics

South Block
Royal Berkshire NHS
Foundation Trust
London Road
RG1 5AN          

0118 322 7668