Aims & Objectives


  • Explore the relationship between life, death, identity and social media

  • Assemble a unique creative collaboration between a theatre company (Dante or Die), academic experts in theatre and death studies, and a creative technology industry (Marmelo)

  • Engage audiences in immersive performance experiences that encourage them to reflect on virtual identity and the online legacies they will leave behind

  • Stimulate innovations in uses of everyday communications and social media technologies for immersive performance and public events

  • Pioneer the integration of immersive performance, innovative uses of everyday technologies and cross disciplinary academic expertise as an effective research method


  • Make a performance, entitled User Not Found, in which the central character experiences mourning via the digital traces of his dead partner

  • Draw on networks of venues that support and host Dante or Die performances to stage User Not Found in non-traditional performance spaces

  • Produce an Application for interactive mobile devices, drawing on Marmelo’s expertise in using cutting edge technologies and working collaboratively with Dante or Die and Reading & Bath university-based researchers

  • Engage spectators both collectively and individually in public performance events

  • Run participatory workshops and hold a symposium around User Not Found with Marmelo and relevant stakeholders and researchers

  • Create a network of academics, practitioners and other stakeholders to design a further more ambitious programme of research that integrates performance and new immersive social media applications to address research questions around identity, memory and place.