Jamal Harewood

Jamal Workshop

As part of the Work in Progress Project Jamal Harwood, devisor and performer of The Privilege, has been developing and working on Project Freedom. Project Freedom aims to continue the participatory success of The Privilege however notably with this performance Jamal is attempting to shift the attention from himself rather placing increased autonomy and direction in the possession of the audience. He wants the audience to define freedom, and what it means to them and through this highlighting potential colonial trauma.

The development support provided to Jamal was extensive as his creative process enjoyed the collaboration. Numerous student workshops were hosted in which Jamal could trial Project Freedom, from which he recived student feedback, valuable experience in navigating audience-led workshops, as well as dramaturgical and critical feedback from university lecturers. 

Among the research and development support provided to Jamal, the project also was pivotal in developing artistic and audience networks for Jamal. Through the re-programming of his performances at SouthStreet, as well as introducing him to University professors technicians and contacts, Jamal’s work is now engaging with new communities in both an academic and professional setting. 

Jamal’s work with the Project has been informative and has matched the portfolio of artists who we have worked with. The commissioned Acquisition Panel (See Fast Familiar) demonstrates the project’s experience with navigating audience-based work as well as exploring the decolonisation of theatre practice. The cross-pollination and interconnectivity of this project has ensured a strong calibre of development support could be offered to Jamal.


Artist Response

“Thanks to the partnership I was also able to explore new avenues within my practice: How I make work and documentation.”

“A lot of credit must be given to the small community of intellects that encouraged regular introspection through general conversation and questioning about the project”

“All in all, this collaboration has been an invaluable experience. One that has allowed me to begin the process of reconnecting myself with my art practice”


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