Milk Presenting


Milk presents are a highly successful queer-led theatre company that look to ‘celebrate, disrupt (Milk 2022) through their theatre making. As part of the Work In Progress Project, Milk is developing a performance currently titled Making Movie Stars; a show that attempts to create a queer experience and subvert canonical blockbuster narratives through queer re-tellings. 

The support provided to Milk largely consisted of providing technical acumen, facilities and workspaces. Milk envisioned their performance to be highly digitalised utilising multiple facets of multi-media. We provided industry-level technology from greenscreens, digital cameras, photo and video editing software, and access to highly trained technicians who could offer insight and knowledge in the operation of said equipment. Access to this equipment, as well as the opportunity to experiment in student workshops with the equipment, provided Milk with vital digital upskilling that assisted in the development process. 

Whilst the project offered Milk technical acumen and digital assistance, Milk, as a queer-led company, also provided the project with a deeper understanding and ability to offer bespoke development to LGBTQ+ artists enhancing our support offers.


Artist Response

“It was a great session and so helpful and exciting. “

“We got such a lot out of working with the greenscreens and [the technicians] were fantastic at enabling us to use the equipment and experiment.”