Sheila Ghelani and Sue Palmer

Sheila Ghelani and Sue Palmer are the creative duos behind Common Salt a tabletop performance tracing the legacy of colonialism through objects. As part of the Work In Progress project, they are developing a performance titled Atmospheric Forces exploring themes of nature, colonialism, connectivity and memory. 

Sheila and Sue’s practice is rooted in theory and criticism thus lots of support lay in critical conversations and explorations. The duo reprogrammed Common Salt at the Museum for English Rural Life (MERL) in which academics, students and the public were invited to engage with their practice. Following this, an ‘in conversation’ event was hosted at the University of Reading to discuss and explore theories that could be dissected and utilised in the development of Atmospheric Forces

We also hosted numerous student workshops which enabled Sheila and Sue to further explore memory, and the significance of objects, as well as directly experiment with Atmospheric Forces, by braving the cold weather of Reading!


Artist Response

“We felt looked after.”

‘[Being put into contact with academics] was such a rich part of the residency; each conversation (Andrew and Laura in Meteorology, Isabela and Christina in Architecture) was a resonant, in-depth and inspiring exchange, and we sensed that it was also interesting for the academics, which meant a lot to our work and our research.’

“We loved doing the workshop with the students.”

“We loved sharing Common Salt at MERL.”


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