This film is part of Yvonne Newton’s creative documentation work after attending Fast Familiar’s ‘Decolonising Artistic Practice’ workshop in March 2020, which considered strategies for decolonising theatre-making processes. You can see her other response, The Principles of 2025, here.

She writes: “My second response is a collage of scripts where I explore decolonisation of the self, stemming from the workshop’s central prompt written at the top of the collection. The video and performance elements of the script provide a third dimension to the response and explore my understanding of decolonisation in practice, developing the script to performance. This is supported by my instagram page where I look at how to document documentation. 

Part of decolonisation for me personally and for this piece of work, is being transparent about the process, to help the “unpacking” and “unpicking” process. It’s important for me to discover and uncover the product (script, video, performance), rather than trying to imagine it using ideas of what a “good response” is.”