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Manage my web presence

Here is a list of services you can use to publish on the web at the University of Reading:


  • Research project website on WordPress (<yoursite>). You can create and manage a website for a particular research project or group, using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Read more…
  • Blogs. You can request a blog on the IT Self Service portal.
  • Dynamically generated content (e.g. weather charts). If you need to share some dynamically generated content on the web, you’ll probably need a specific technical solution. Please contact us.
  • Share data, or files. For time limited file sharing, use MFT (Managed File Transfer). For long term web publishing of files, please contact us for advise.



RACC updates

We have changed the default partition to be the 'limited'. Users submitting jobs longer than 24h need to explicitly request another partition, e.g. 'cluster'. Jobs submitted with time limit exceeding the partition limit will be rejected.   Purchasing RACC nodes owned by projects can  be requested using the Self Service Portal form,  see /
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