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Connect from outside of campus

To connect to our Unix/Linux servers from outside of the University, you have several options. The solutions below are sorted by the order in which we recommend them:

  1. Connect via the University’s Virtual  Private Network (VPN). The Pulse Secure software will connect your computer to the university network and grant you access to all the university services as if you were on campus. This is the recommended way of connecting. Here’s hot to set up Pulse Secure for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  2. Use the web version of the NoMachine software to connect to the linux desktop service (NX). If you are usually using NoMachine to connect to NX, you can also use the NX web player. Please note that connecting though the NX web player has less functionality than the desktop client.
  3. Use the externally visible ssh server This server is provided for specific use cases where the above two options are not suitable and it is intended for experienced users. Typically VPN or web player are easier to use and we recommend using these when possible.
  4. sshgate will be decommissioned, please use one the three options above.