This week Darius Wainwright and Dafydd Townley are attending the Historians of the Twentieth Century United States (HOTCUS) annual conference. The group is the main British-based research group for the study of 20th Century US and, this year, the conference is being held at Madingley Hall in Cambridge. Darius and Dafydd are both presenting on Friday morning (15/06) about aspects of their PhD thesis’. Dafydd will be talking about how Congress and US public opinion shaped the US’ reform of intelligence agencies in the mid 1970s and Darius will be discussing how the US sought to dissuade Iranians from Communism in the aftermath of the 1951-53 Anglo-Iranian Oil Crisis. In particular, Darius will be focusing on how the US collaborated with the Iranian government to do this.

Read more about Dafydd and Darius’s PhD’s here: Dayydd, Darius