January 2020

by Nebras Maslamani

Along the Dead Sea road in Southern Jordan, 192.5 km away from Amman, you will first pass by Muthallath Greigra and then the new Faynan village where you will find the Faynan Museum and Wadi Ghweir Camp visitor centre.  After the village you will need to hit the road with a 4X4 vehicle for a further 10 km, to finally find yourself near the Wadi Faynan 16 site and in front of Wadi Ghweir Camp.  Here you are welcomed by the Ziziphus (sedir) tree at the entrance with a view that will catch your breath.

Wadi Ghweir Camp is surrounded by three valleys; Wadi Ghweir, Wadi Khalid, and Wadi Faynan.  It opened recently to accommodate the increasing number of visitors to Faynan and Greigra. The camp provides visitors with an authentic Bedouin experience, local food, and a warm-hearted welcome.  Furthermore, it is considered the first of its kind for accommodation in Faynan that is owned by a local cooperative.

As a way of contribution to support the Wadi Ghweir Camp, the OPOF project team will place an information board next to the camp that will include information and a map of the Wadi Faynan archaeological sites. You can learn more about the camp from the Faynan Heritage website.

We have also started an initiative with graduate students at the German Jordanian University to establish marketing studies for the camp.  Professor Samer Almohammad, alongside students enrolled in the master course ‘Marketing Management’, has volunteered and submitted three marketing studies, which were shared with the people of Faynan. The students have shown enthusiasm and excitement at being part of this initiative, and learning through practical and hands-on experience while supporting a recently established business in Southern Jordan.

Our appreciation extends to Professor Samer and to all the graduate students at the GJU who were part of this initiative.  While wishing Wadi Ghweir Camp all the best to thrive within the eco-tourism industry in Jordan.