October 2019

by Nebras Maslamani

After the submission of four draft designs for development of the Faynan Museum by the University of Petra’ students, a meeting was held with Faynan and Greigra community members to hear reflections and feedback on the designs.  Dr Fatima Al-Nammari and Dr Yassir Abuhashem explained the participatory designs and discussed several elements that varied between the designs, such as the educational play space.  Firas Bqa’in and Nebras Maslamani facilitated the discussion while the community emphasized their wish to have handicrafts for sale inside the museum and to be the first shop that sells local products in Faynan.  They stressed the importance of having a reception or visitor centre operated by them for the visitors inside the museum.

The designs are on display in the Faynan museum to allow comments to be received from other community members, including the school’s committees.  Several of the designs’ aspects were also shared with other OPOF team members, including Dr Gehan Selim, and a meeting with Steven Mithen, Carol Palmer, Arwa Badran, and Nebras Maslamani.

Dr Gehan Selim at the University of Leeds is undertaking a further development of one or more designs as part of the collaboration between the University of Leeds and the University of Petra. A final proposal will be developed for presentation and submission to the Department of Antiquities.