Our Research

The Centre’s research focuses on knowledge deficits in important areas relating to climate and justice. Our work seeks to inform those working in the field of climate justice in policy, civil society, and academia. We engage with areas of research which remain under-examined, and to which we can contribute effectively. Our focus on justice and climate change means amplifying the voices of those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and working to provide solutions from which they can benefit. The work we do across our different themes will provide advocates of climate justice with the resources they need to actively and effectively engage on these fronts.

Climate displacement

What legal claims can be made by communities displaced by climate change? How do they make them? How are the problems of justice created in this new space of claims-making best navigated? See some of our current work on this theme.

Image credit: Alec Perkins

Image credit: Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center

New technologies

Could geoengineering promote justice in the face of worsening climate change or will it reinforce existing injustice? What ethical commitments should be baked into the governance of new technologies such as Carbon Dioxide Removal, or Solar Radiation Management? How can we ensure this happens? See some of our current work on this theme.

Equity and fairness in global climate policy

What are the emergent and innovative ideas for enhancing justice and equity among increasingly fragmented and polycentric global climate governance arrangements?  How can such ideas be best implemented?  What are the implications and obligations for key global actors and institutions? See some of our current work on this theme.

Image credit: Andreas Habich

Image credit: Neil Palmer (CIAT/CCAFS)

Climate justice and inclusive green growth

What equity and justice issues are implicated in green economy and low carbon transition programmes in developed and developing countries? How can green economy initiatives be best designed and implemented in an equitable and inclusive manner? What obligations does inclusive green growth raise for key actors and institutions? See some of our current work on this theme.

Climate justice across time

What do we owe to future generations who will live with climate change? What do we owe to children in particular? How can climate policy be crafted in ways that realise intergenerational justice? See some of our current work on this theme.

Image credit: Aulia Erlangga/CIFOR