Equity and Fairness in Global Climate Policy

Conference: ‘Climate Justice After Paris’. Henry Shue, Yamide Dagnet, Fergus Green, Diminic Roser, Tara Shine, Thomas Hale, Aaron Maltais, Sonja Klinsky, Youba Sokona, Darrel Moellendorf, Sam Bickersteth, Henry Derwent, Peter Newell, and Simon Caney. See videos of the presentations from this conference.

Workshop: ‘What Makes a Climate Leader? Developed Countries Responsibilities under the Global Climate Regime’. Robyn Eckersley (Melbourne), Neil Carter (York), John Barry (Queen’s Belfast).

Workshop: ‘Climate, Territory and Natural Resources’. Steve Vanderheiden (Colorado), Chris Armstrong (Southampton), Megan Blomfield (Bristol).

Publication: McKinnon, C., ‘Climate Justice in a Carbon Budget’, Climatic Change (2015).

Publication: McKinnon, C., The Ethics of Climate Governance (Rowman and Littlefield International, 2015).

Publication: Hilson, C., ‘Common but differentiated responsibilities in EU climate change law: a case of double standards?’ In: Evans, M. and Koutrakos, P. (eds.), The international responsibility of the European Union: European and international perspectives (Hart 2013).

PhD student: Phil Coventry (Geography). Project: Path Dependency in Climate Justice: The case of Climate Finance and Technology Transfer.

PhD student: Selam Abebe (Geography). Project: ‘Operationalising the Concept of Equitable Access to Sustainable Development in the Global Climate Change Regime’.

PhD student: Danny Waite (Geography). Project: ‘Bloc Party: Investigating the Influence of AILAC within the UNFCCC Negotiations’.

PhD student: Alex McLaughlin (Politics). Project: ‘Distributive Justice and Climate Change’.

PhD student: Jessica Omukuti (Agriculture, Policy and Development). Project: ‘Equity in Adaptation Policy’.