Climate Displacement

Current Work: Climate Displacement

Workshop: ‘Climate displacement and resettlement: what scope for claims-making ‘from below’?’. This workshop in 2017 brought together academics, NGOs and policymakers in discussion around four areas relevant to community claims-making in the face of climate displacement: attribution and perceptions of climate change; group representation and identity in claims-making; indigenous groups and legacies of displacement and resettlement; internally displaced persons and the role of global and regional actors in standard-setting, monitoring and assistance.

Publication: Draper, J. and McKinnon, C.: ‘The Ethics of Climate-Induced Community Displacement and Resettlement’, WIRES Climate Change, 2018.

PhD student: Jamie Draper (Politics). Project: ‘Climate Change, Migration, and Justice’.

PhD student: Africa Bauza Arcicollar (Agriculture, Policy and Development). Project: ‘Pluralising the Debate: A Study of Local Perceptions of Climate Justice and Forced Migration’.

Grant application: a team of researchers is working on a Global Challenges Research Fund bid to examine a range of cases of communities displaced by climate change. The project will explore ‘naming, framing, and blaming’ in the perceptions and processes of bottom up claims-making in these contexts, so as to generate a much needed view of the challenges, and opportunities, for communities in these circumstances.