New Technologies

Seminar: ‘Climate Dreaming: Negative Emissions, Risk Transfer, and Irreversibility’, Henry Shue (University of Oxford).

PhD student: Joshua Wells (Politics). Project: ‘How To Take Ethical Considerations Seriously When Governing Geoengineering’.

PhD student: Congcong Xu (Law). Project: ‘NGO Participation in Geoengineering in the UK and China: A Causal Study’.

Publication: McKinnon, C., ‘Solar Radiation Management Research: Governance for Future People’, Environmental Politics, forthcoming 2018.

Publication: McKinnon, C., ‘The Governance of Solar Radiation Management: Against Pragmatism, For Justice’, The Justice and Legitimacy of Solar Radiation Management, eds. Gardiner, McKinnon and Fragnière, forthcoming 2019.

Engagement: McKinnon, C., ‘What justice means in the governance of solar radiation management research’, Ethics and Policy Briefs, forthcoming 2018.

Engagement: McKinnon is a member of an Academic Working Group writing a Report on the Governance of Solar Radiation Management. The Group is convened by the Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment at the American University Washington.

Grant application: McKinnon, Visiting Professorship, The Leverhulme Trust. The grant will enable Professor Stephen Gardiner (University of Washington) to have two visits to the Centre, during which he will work with McKinnon on a project focused on governing solar radiation management to achieve intergenerational justice, and engage with climate scientists working on SRM in Meteorology.

Workshop: ‘Solar Radiation Management: Justice and Legitimacy’. Joint with the Programme on Values in Society, University of Washington. Using the normative lenses of justice and legitimacy, this workshop in summer 2018 will focus on the fast growing debate about the governance of solar radiation management. Speakers include Jonathan Wolff (Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford), and Holly Lawford-Smith (University of Melbourne)