by Guannan Hu

I am glad to have joined the DARE project team and to start working at the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading. The working environment is fantastic. People are very friendly. They helped me settle in well and always make me feel welcome.

I completed my PhD at the University of Hamburg last year. My research areas were data assimilation and extreme value theory. I attempted to find general ways that can improve the performance of data assimilation. I also investigated whether data assimilation can be accurate in predicting extreme events. I wanted to figure out what the main factors are that prevent us from achieving accurate predictions. Is it observation, model forecast, or data assimilation algorithm?

From my BSc to PhD, I have always been engaged in meteorology. I could not image this at the very beginning as I thought that the people studying meteorology would be weather broadcasters on television later. My journey continues, and I am ready for the new chapter! Image taken from the meteorology institute on the University of Hamburg.