Sport Economics


Sports economists apply economics to sports and use sport to understand more about economics. We consider a broad range of issues, including recent outputs relating to labour economics, financial economics, and forecasting.



  • Current projects:
    • Scorecasting: Forecasting scorelines in football matches; James
    • The efficiency of prediction (betting) markets and forecast evaluation; James, Philip and Shixuan
    • Cricket: Extracting information from cricket scorecards to understand various issues and economic behaviour; Sarah and James
    • Lessons from the market for football talent, incuding superstar wages; Adesola
    • Institutions and sport: Investigating the extent to which institutional organisation affects sporting outcomes; Meshael and James.
  • Recent publications:
  • Forthcoming events:
    • March-December 2020, Reading Online Sport Economics Seminars (ROSES). Programme
    • July 2020 6th HSE-NES-Reading Football and Finance Conference in St Petersburg
    • July 2021 7th HSE-NES-Reading Football and Finance Conference in Reading
  • Past events
    • 2018 World Cup Workshop. Programme
    • 2018 Economic History of Sport Workshop. Programme
    • 2016 European Championships Workshop. Programme
    • 2014 World Cup Workshop. Programme
    • Sept 19-21 2019 1st Reading Football Economics Workshop. Website.

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