Welcome to FoodBioSystems DTP

FoodBioSystems Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) brings together six university partners: University of Reading, Cranfield University, University of Surrey, Queen’s University Belfast, Aberystwyth University, and Brunel University London.

Our vision is to develop a cohort of bioscientists with in-depth knowledge and technical expertise of food systems and biological processes across the Agri-Food system from pre-farm to post-fork. They will become the urgently needed experts – able to transform the food value chain and address challenges of sustainability, efficacy, authenticity and safety in food production systems whilst delivering better nutrition and concomitant health benefits for society.

Our consortium forms an unrivalled partnership in terms of its breadth and depth of research excellence, along with novel training environments, in relation to agri-food systems. Our broad remit covers a unique nexus of fundamental biology related to animal and plant biology, through to human nutrition and health.  We will develop transformative technologies through integrating physical and digital sciences, and big data approaches, into biosciences.