FoodBioSystems offers a wider range of excellent and innovative training in skills that equip researchers across the agri-food-nutrition chain. Our doctoral researchers each undertake a 4-year PhD programme  co-supervised across two universities within our DTP consortium, enabling students the best access to state-of-the-art facilities and providing the very best individual technical and subject specific training.

There are 3 layers of the training journey – individual training, cohort level training and external training; tailored to individual needs and career goals. Cohort training covers four key fields: Food Systems, Big Data (data analytics and modelling), Business, and Research Fundamentals.

Illustration of the training journey

For each FoodBioSystems researcher, face-to-face (or online) cohort training starts with an induction period during the first term and culminates each in an annual summer school week.  This is supported by on-line training packages, such as an “Introduction to the Food System” module that all students take in their first year. Training is provided through the input of many of the FoodBioSystems partners; the six university partners as well as through our associate partners (EIT-Food, British Nutrition Foundation, Diamond Light Source and STFC Food Network+) and affiliate partners (for example Agrimetrics for data modelling) and through collaborators such as the Walker Institute (providing global food systems training).

All of our researchers hold a training passport to track their personal training journey and ensure they achieve a balanced training package.